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Catering & Hospitality Efficiency Facilitators-India

Aviation Hospitality:
  • Catering Facility: Selection, periodic assessments & appraisals.
  • Product, Process & Vendor development.
  • Galley Plan: Demand estimation, design, development and smooth adoption.
  •  Menu & Meal:  Concept, design, balance, planning, presentation and costing.
  • Service Concepts: Planning, execution, caliberation, training & support .
  • Appraisal & Monitoring systems for Product & Services performance.
  • Equipment: Selection parameters, Rotation plan, Handling & Control  systems.
  • Cabin & Galley: Cleaning, Sanitation, Maintenance & Safety. 
  • Product & Services: Evaluation Analysis, Redesigning & Re-engineering.
  • Charter Operations & Special hadlings. 
  • Specific area intervention & problem shooting.   

Our gained strengths on Short - Medium -Long range inflight service operations and wide exposure to provisoning systems would surely find value in providing you with best solutions.
We also believe our years of gained skills in this industry will help us answer all of your questions and take adequate care of all of your needs.

Use our expertise with meals from this part of the globe

Expertise on meals of Indian continent

Catering & Hospitality,Efficiency Facilitators-India