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Catering unit Large-Medium

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Catering unit Large-Medium
Industrial Catering & Services
Hotels & Hospitality
Meals from Indian Subcontinent
Catering & Hospitality Efficiency Facilitators-India

Catering Units:
  • Existing Facility & Infrastructure: Gap identification- Course Corretion. Minimum interruption - Safe operation techniques.
  • Flow, design & choice in plant technology adoption with caliberated updation.
  • Specific area intervention & problem shooting. Technology & Systems improvement.
  • Better utilisation of resources, Identification of strengths & building USP.
  • Cost containment - Quality adoption techniques. ISO, HACCP & SQF facilitation.
  • Resource improvements:  Material, Transport, Storage, Handling & Vendor facilities. 
  •  Menu & Meal:  Concept, design, balance, planning, presentation and costing.
  • Concept Orientation: Be Customer Appeciated Partner through training & support .
  • Improve Productivity: Better performance  & Conservation of resources. 
  • Hygiene & Saniation: Improve resources, modes & methods, Optimise Costs.   
  • Hazard & Safety: Hazard analysis, Improve Maintenance & Operational Safety. 
  • Product & Services: Evaluation Analysis, Redesigning & Re-engineering.
  • Appraisal & Monitoring: Evaluation techniques for continuous  improvement .
  • Start up: Infrastructure, Systems & Technology Design Evaluation, Start up consultancy. 

Catering & Hospitality,Efficiency Facilitators-India