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Catering & Hospitality Efficiency Facilitators-India
We at 'Catering & Hospitality Efficiency Facilitator India'-welcome your effort to reach us
We facilitate efficiency in your business using our expertise.
Enhance Efficiency
Quality Route
Gaps may be inevitable intrusions in product & process.
The admission of their existence and the amount of concern and effort at eradication, differentiate a ultimate winner from an organisation heading towards crisis.
Reduce Gaps with in-time detection, honest analysis and timely course correction. 

We sincerely hope you found all the information you wanted on this site about us and the services we provide. Please feel free to contact us for more informations.
We look forward to associating with you.

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Quality is no absolute value, it is always related to given needs and can not be determined by any single measured variable.
It is combined effect of many features and charactereristics of a product. 

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  • Ramesh Bakshi-Tel: 9810339370 / 91-11-26121971
  • R.P.Sharma- Tel: 91-24-5052234 / 91-124-3942234


Catering & Hospitality,Efficiency Facilitators-India