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Facilitator - Quality - Systems- Technology. Catering, Hospitality & Inflight Services.

Know us

Quality is continous
Cheese Wheel, Spinning
Lead in Product & Process

Optimise Productivity of Time, Money, People, Machine, Material & Space in order to reduce Costs.


Quality always gets noticed, appreciated and remains the best advertising tool.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives"
Strengths: Three decades of continuing learning & gained experience in hospitality,Catering & Inflight Services.
Effort:  Facilitate product & process excellence.
Art:  Design, Detail, Plan, Appraise,Course Corrections

Motive:  Prove Quality is cost effective.
Commitment: Continual implementation of innovative concepts & techniques.

  • Product development, Standardisation and Value additions. 
  • Gap analysis and identification of impediments.
  • Course correction and enhancement of business focus.
  •  Establish food safety, hygiene & sanitation and control regimes. 
  • Facility planning & guidance to uniterrupted operation.
  • Facilitate achieving ISO, HACCP, TQM and SQF parameters.
  • Appraisals, Resource Modifications,Training and Product & Vendor Development. 
  • Broad Assessments:  Product, Market, USP and Targets.

Looks Fresh, Smells Delicious,Tastes Healthy & Safety Assured. 
Cared from Farm to Fork

Aviation Hospitality:
  • Galley Plan: Demand estimation, development, deliverance systems.
  •  Menu & Meal:  Concept, design, balance, planning, presentation and costing.
  • Service Concepts: Planning, execution, caliberation, training & support .
  • Appraisal & Monitoring systems for product & Service performance.
  • Caterrer Selection, Product, Process & Vendor development.
  • Equipment: Selection parameters,Rotation plan, Handling & Control  systems.
  • Cabin & Galley: Cleaning, Sanitation,Maintenance & Safety.  

Focus & Clarity of GOAL + Well-thought STRATEGY +  Synergised ACTIONS + Openness to Review & Correction          =    PROFITABLE Results


Quality is always Cost Conserving  

Hospitality & Services
  • Gap analysis plan perception and deliverance.
  • Feed back response Systems, monitoring and analysis.
  • Hazard analyis, Safety systems: General & Specific.
  • Internal performance audit team training & Dev.
  • All functions related to food & Bev. as for Catering 

Safe Quality Food
Platters of gourmet food w/champagne
Standardised in design & content

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