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Meals from Indian Subcontinent

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Meals from Indian Subcontinent
Catering & Hospitality Efficiency Facilitators-India

It may be a surprise to learn that no other part of the globe has such vast and remarkably different variety of cuisines and styles.
Kashmiri, Dogaree, Himachalee, Punjabi, Avadhi, Marwari, Shekahvati, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Hyderabadi, Goanese, Assamee, Tamilian and Kerala specials the list is really endless. While within India every few kilometers the ingredients within the same dish may change slightly the challenge lies in standardisation in method of preparation as much as the ingredients used. 
Now did we forget Lahoree, Sindhi , Peshawari, Baluchi, Lankavee and  Bangladeshi Bhaat.
We shall provide you with in-depth knowledge of all above alongwith other continental & oriental cuisines. 

Designing  of  meals for inflight service does not merely restrict to great looks and quantity.  
Safety in material of choice, the de-hydration factor , the cooking processes, the accompanying matches, specialised treatments in packing etc. are some of the parameters of importance.
The other aspect in forefront being cost effectivity & value for money.      

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Catering & Hospitality Efficiency Facilitators-India